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Episode# 1190th

Villagers are ready to take guarantee for the protection of humanitarian relief team, while the team says they will analyze the situation ourselves. It is so bad that all flood-affected people are deprived of humanitarian relief because of a few suspicious men #Beingreadyfornaturaldisaster#includingallinhumanitarianrelief. Shabana’s disease caused the postponing of my tasks, Ajab Gul makes pretext to Zarmina, while she knows well, all that happened to Ajab Gul’s family, was because of Ajab Gul’s pertinacity as he did not allow Shabana to take #Spacebetweenbirths UNFPA AfghanistanAfghan Family Guidance Association. After Zarmina met Bas Pari in this regard, Bas Pari’s treatment of Razia has changed, which made her and Mullah Karim Khan expect Nadia and Abdur Raheem to tie the knot #compatibilityforlifepartnership #Kufu #Mutualsatisfactionforwedlock. On the other hand, Jafar informs his mother and sister that he will achieve something great. What may that be? #EvenaHeroinAddictCanBeRehabilitated




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