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Episode# 1189th

Shabana faints, while cooking iftari in the kitchen. Her weakness is all down to not observing #spacebetweenbirths and her recent traumatic birth of a still-born son. Still Ajab Gul does not get the message UNFPA AfghanistanAfghan Family Guidance Association. Yousaf called upon Zarmina and told her, Ajab Gul has not been paying attention to his tasks as previously #MangeezSewingCentre. Yes, it would be much better if he were to attend to his tasks and leave Shabana be. Matlab Shah tried to include himself in the list of flood-affected persons, while Mewa Gul did not let him do so> Meanwhile; Gul Wali, who is spokesman for displaced persons, is suspicious of some people whom he does not know got doubt upon some people who are putting up with displaced persons, and now want to cash in on the distribution of relief #Beingreadyfornaturaldisaster#includingallinhumanitarianrelief. MullahKarim Khan brings some foods for iftari which he sends to Nadia’s family through Razia, who is treated well by Bas Pari and returns home very hopeful that at last she will agree to the marriage of Abdur Raheem and Nadia #Kufu #Mutualsatisfactionforwedlcok#compatibilityforlifepartnership




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