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Episode# 1188th

Mulla Karim Khan reckons that Zarmina will be good choice to promote the union in wedlock of Abdul Raheem and Nadia #Kufu#MutualSatisfactionforwedlock #compatibilityforlifepartnership. Shabana is sick, so Zirka is quite right to bring food for Ajab Gul’s family, but Ajab Gul rejects her kindness, since Zirka is also trying to persuade Shabana to practice #Spacebetweenbirths. For goodness sake, Ajab Gul, Zirka is only recommending a decent #spacebetweenbirths for the sake of the health of mother and child UNFPA Afghanistan Afghan Family Guidance Association. What has Malik Ghani got up his sleeve in encouraging Matlab Shah to register his name among those requiring humanitarian assistance following the recent floods? He wants to distract attention from his armed associates. But your armed associates having been affected by the recent floods, whereas Matlab Shah is not affected #beingreadyfornaturaldisasters#includingallinhumanitarianrelief




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