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Episode# 1186

Gul Wali tries his best – to no avail – to remove the names of unknown people from those who are deserving of humanitarian relief. Being flood affected, the shura maintains they are deserving of assistance #Beingreadyfornaturaldisaster #includingallinhumanitarianrelief. Nazo had also been waiting for a new baby to arrive in the family, but the baby lost his life, because of Ajab Gul’s obstinacy in not allowing Shabana to take #spacebetweenbirths UNFPA Afghanistan Afghan Family Guidance Association Jafar maintains that he was beaten up to secure Nadia’s life. Bas Pari beleves this, but Nadia is having none of it. She reckons that her brother would not prioritize her life over his heroin habit #Takeyourprecautions. Mullah Karim Khan advises Razia to approach Bas Pari through one of her best friends, in order to secure the marriage of Nadia and Abdul Raheem #Mutualsatisfactionforwedlock #Kufu#compatibilityforlifepartnership.




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