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Episode# 1183rd

Beside the residents of Kandao village, Mullah Karim Khan and Malik Bahadar also intend to call upon their villagers to lend a helping hand with flood-torn displaced families, meanwhile; Malik Ghani agrees helping displaced families, but does not allow them to live inside the village, that’s why the gunmen who are hiding themselves among the displaced families, will no longer have a chance to do their nefarious deeds, like kidnapping Nadia #Beingreadyfornaturaldisasters #takeyourprecautions. Bas Pari releases that Nadia is agreed to marry Abdul Raheem, not only despite his disability but because of it. Nadia wished to serve her disabled father, but he died, now let her serve Abdul Raheem instead, Mullah Karim Khan tells to Razia #carefordisabledpersons. Shabana’s delivery needs much time, but could be eased if Ajab Gul allows doctors to conduct the delivery by surgery, while Ajab Gul is against the operation. This is all because of Ajab Gul not paying attention to #Spacebetweenbirths UNFPA Afghanistan Afghan Family Guidance Association



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