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Episode# 1182nd

Villagers stood alongside the flood-torn displaced people, and assured them they would help them to fulfill their immediate basic needs. Meanwhile, the #Shura is seeking other relief assistance for them #beingreadyfornaturaldisasters #includingallinhumanitarianrelief. Bas Pari still holds out against the marriage of Nadia and Abdur Raheem. She even thinks Mullah Karim Khan staged the whole kidnapping drama, to create a pretext for marrying Nadia to their disabled son. Never any shortage of #conspiracytheories. Razia has had enough, but Mullah Karim Khan persuades her to press on with her efforts #Takeyourprecautions#Consideratetreatmentofhandicapperpersons. Ajab Gul did not allow his wife to take #spacebetweenbirths so her life has been put in danger, now she needs to give birth in the clinic instead of home. Ajab Gul was against this, but Gul Bibi somehow persuaded him UNFPA Afghanistan Afghan Family Guidance Association



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