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Episode# 1181st

Villagers did their utmost, but could save only the lives of displaced persons, not their homes from the flood. Gul Wali is concerned, what his family will eat and wear? Farid assures him that residents of Kandao village will lend them a helping hand as much as they can #beingreadyfornaturaldisasters #includingallinhumanitarianrelief. After gunmen abortively attempted to kidnap Nadia, Mullah Karim Khan and his family are anxious for the life of Nadia, Mullah Karim Khan insists that the problem can only be solved by bringing Nadia to their home, but Bas Pari is still holding out against the marriage of Nadia and Abdul Raheem #Takeyourprecautions. Shabana’s life hangs in the balance, and it is all because she was not allowed to make #SpacebetweenBirthsby Ajab Gul. The midwife Gul Bibi is on her way, but will she able to handle such a delicate delivery? UNFPA Afghanistan Afghan Family Guidance Association



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