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Episode# 1180th

Bas Pari still does not believe Jafar would dare and hand over Nadia to gunmen in the return for heroin. Also, Jafar insists that he only shared with the gunmen some incomplete information about Nadia in order to free himself of their clutches #takeyourprecautions #dehumanizingeffecoffheroin. You had better take rest at home, someone else will work in the #MangeezSewingCentre instead of you; Zarmina tells Shabana, who is suffering because of lack of #spacebetweenbirths. Meanwhile; Ajab Gul still thinks Shabana is shedding crocodile tears, but actually she suffers from some pains because of #repeatedpregnancies @UNFPA Afghanistan @AFGA. Farid was right to be concerned, due to intensive rain, flood water has endangered the lives and homes of displaced persons. Farid and Hasan Khan tries to call upon villagers for immediate help, but there is a limit to what they can do #beingreadyfornaturaldisasters #includingeverybodyindistributionofhumanitarianrelief



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