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Episode# 1178th

What is wrong with electricity? Sardar Aka asks Hasan Khan, after Zarmina told him that women in #MangeezSewingCentre face difficulties because of a lack of electricity. The weather forecast is for raining cats and dogs, that’s why we diverted water from the water-mill and turned the electricity off, Hasan Khan tells Sardar Aka. It’s better that we should #bereadyfornaturaldisaster. Eat healthy foods and and next time try to use medication that can make #SpaceBetweenBirthsGul Bibi advises Shabana UNFPA Afghanistan Afghan Family Guidance Association. Zarmina brought some extra clothes and shawls to Nadia, as she had promised #takeyourprecautions. Bas Pari does believe that Jafar would hand over his sister to gunmen, but Jafar is being fed heroin by the gunmen and is under pressure from them to share the location of his sister with them. They are determined to kidnap her! #Dehumanizingeffectofheroin.

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