Saturday , October 23 2021
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Episode# 1174th

Will Ajab Gul make the collusion failed? Malik Ghani guides Matlab Shah to provoke villagers against Ajab Gul and accuse him for being against polio vaccine, it will pave the way for burning his house #VaccineSavesLives @Polio-free Afghanistan. Divide the estate and give me my portion, Shireena tells to Mewa Gul, while Mewa Gul responds her to let Noorullah leave his home first, then will talk the issue #Snakeupthesleeve. Nadia knows how to cut loss from the evil of Jafar, she decides to stay at home today instead to go to #MangeezSewingCentre while gunmen threatens Jafar to lend them a hand in kidnapping Nadia, otherwise they will kill him #Weaponcontamination @ICRCaf.

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