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Episode# 1171st

Mewa Gul meets Ajab Gul and wanted her to desist hostility with Polio Vaccine and its stakeholders, otherwise, villagers will punish you as they did once in past, Mewa Gul met him, after Sardaar Aka wanted him to do so #VaccineSavesLives @Polio-Free Afghanistan. Nadia and her mother follow different ways in different clothes when go to #MangeezSewingCentre for working, that’s why they feel fear from Jabir Khan’s gunmen, what a shameless man Jafar is! He has been overseeing his mother and sister to hand them to gunmen, just in return of feeding his heroin habit #dehumanizingeffectofheroin #Weaponcontamination @ICRCaf. Badrai did another abortive attempt to get Noorullah out of a domestic conflict b/w a couple, while Shireena depreciates her as she has been treated since a long time #Snakeupthesleeve.

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