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Episode# 1168th

I could not support Noorullah’s family, but the foods were enough for Shireena, Mewa Gul says, meanwhile; Noorullah condemns Shireena’s reaction that she returned the foods, no matter the foods were scare, but were better than none #Snakeupthesleeve #givingAlimonyisaRight. Gunmen released Jafar in return of nothing, but might be sent for a special task, Mullah Karim khan says, let’s secure Nadia’s life in our home, Razia tells to Bas Pari, you have been playing the game to blackmail us and obey wedlock of Nadia with your son, Bas Pari accuses Razia very blindly #weaponcontamination @ICRCaf #NodoubtinIslam. You did great job! Villagers appreciate Malik Ghani’s venture for guaranteeing vaccination team, while Malik suffers from such gratitude and think it is insulting him #VaccineSavesLives @PolioFree Afghanistan.

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