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Episode# 1164th

Tells to Mewa Gul to send me foods and house expenses, Shireena tells to Zirka and Bakhmala, meanwhile; Badrai wants Noorullah to work and earn money for running house expenses instead to stay to other’s hands #Snakeupthesleeve. After, Vaccine-box has been lost, Farid was worried for the future of children, who were left from vaccination, while vaccinator ensures him that they will receive a new box very soon, look here! Malik Ghani tries to blame Farid for losing the vaccine-box and tells to Farid that he is no longer guaranteeing the protection of vaccinator #VaccineSaveslives. If elders did not appreciate Nadia struggles in a public ground, she will never face such problems, Abdur Rahim says, on the other hand, Malik Ghani refuses to send heroin to Jabir Khan for Jafar, that’s why Malik has been insisting kidnapping Nadia instead her brother #weaponcontamination @ICRCaf.

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