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Episode# 1163rd

Noorullah wants Taza Gul to pay him wages as he has worked in the fields, before the conflict, you lost all the privileges, after you claimed and lost the case, Taza Gul tells him, Shireena ensures him that she will make Mewa Gul to pay her money for house expenses #Snakeupthesleeve #Honestyisthebestpolicy. Jabir Khan will experience a very huge damage from kidnapping Jafar, instead to gain as he thinks, that’s why Jabir Khan started using heroin and the habit will damage his life #Heroinisdemolishinglife. Abdur Rahim has got prosthetic leg, he is no longer a handicapped, after to do recommended workout for few days, he will do as he could before of being handicapped #Prostheticlimbetterthannone @ICRCaf. Matlab Shah has stolen vaccine-box from vaccinators, now, Malik Ghani will blame Farid and vaccinators for sloppiness #VaccineSavesLives @Poliofree Afghanistan.

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