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Episode# 1161st

Shireena tried for nothing, after Taza Gul threatened Noorullah to give up his claim, Noorullah did so, Bakhmala and Zirka appreciates Taza Gul’s tribune as stood up beside his father against the claimants #HonestyistheBestPolicy #Snakeupthesleeve. Meena, Spogmai’s daughter has been vaccinated, while Spogmai is still worried for other children that Matlab Shah might deprive them from vaccination, meanwhile; Zarmina and Shabana appreciate the coordination and joint working of villagers for public utility as they threatened people not to stand against #Polio vaccine #Vaccinesaveslives @Poliofree Afghanistan. Nadia is willing and wants her mother to pay gunmen in return to release Jafar, while Bas Pari is never ready to do so, meanwhile; Jafar feels very comfortable in mountain with gunmen, that’s why can easily access feeding his heroin habit, it seems to share his heroin habit with Jabir Khan #Heroinisnotacure.

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