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Episode# 1160th

Noorullah couldn’t defend his claim, even Shireena guided him the ways to convince Taza Gul, that I am working in fields as farmer, while Taza Gul did not allow him to visit the fields again #Snakeupthesleeve #Honestyisthebestpolicy. If I didn’t guarantee the protection of vaccinators, it could face my leadership status (being as Malik), Malik Ghani convinced Matlab Shah and at the same time wants him to walk along with vaccinators around the village #VaccinesavesLives @Polio-free Afghanistan. Mullah Karim khan has the same belief as Bas Pari does, Nadia has been targeted by the gunmen due to her reputation for her combatting, finally gunmen intended to hurt her and kidnapped her brother #weaponcontamination @ICRCaf. 

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