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Episode# 1159th

No matters that you have been kept me in darkness in the conflict among you and Noorullah, but I will understand him, Taza Gul tells to father and informs Noorullah to desist his unlawful claiming or it will face him to a worst ending #Snakeupthesleeve #Unfairjudgment. Matlab Shah gives some heroin to Jabir Khan for detainee Jafar to feed his habit, meanwhile; Jabir Khan calls Bas Pari and tells her, we will release your son if you return us all the money that Zafar Khan had gained through gunmen, while Bas Pari denies having the money #weaponcontamination #ICRCaf. Finally, Malik Ghani has undertaken the protection of vaccinators and now, vaccinators can safely vaccinate the children against #Polio, Farid tells to Taza Gul, while Matlab Shah feels unrelaxed to hear such news #PoiolVaccineSavesLives @PolioFree Afghanistan.


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