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Episode# 1157th

Your struggles are fruitless, Malik Ghani has been treating you awfully after you have delivered daughter contrary he expected, will you satisfy him to bail the protection of vaccinators? #VaccineSavesLives @PolioFree Afghanistan. Bakhmala and Mewa Gul think Noorullah has given up from his illegal combat, while they think wrong, Noorullah still intends to have control over all the fields till to receive the field which was given to him due #Jirga judgment #Unfairjudgment #Snakeupthesleeve. Malik Ghani condemns Jabir Khan’s  decision that he kidnapped Jafar instead Nadia, who provoked the villagers to combat against mines and gunmen, while Matlab Shah is optimistic, meanwhile; Jafar wants Jabir khan to finds him heroin for feeding his heroin habit #Heroinisnotacure #Weaponcontamination @ICRCaf.

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