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Episode# 1155th

It is a strange accident, isn’t it? Try to kidnap Nadia, because of whom, you lost your living place and whose family can pay you much money, Malik Ghani tells to Jabir, meanwhile Zarmina recommends Nadia to take care for safety, because gunmen may try to harm you #Weaponcontamination @ICRCaf. Bakhmala gets worried when hear Malik Ghani threatened her husband because of rejection a decision, conducted by Jirga between Mewa Gul and Noorullah, while in the same time, Badrai wants Noorullah to leave his struggle for an illegal part of earth #Snakeupthesleeve #Unfairjudgment. Vaccinators wished their safety be guaranteed by Malik, are you ready to do so? Farid and Taza Gul asks Malik Ghani, while he rejected their request #VaccineSaveslives @PolioFree Afghanistan.

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