Saturday , October 23 2021
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Episode# 1144th

Mullah Karim khan has been recommended Sardaar Aka to observe equality among wives and try not to take Gulzar away from his lessons #equalityAmongwives.  No matter, if Ajab Gul is illiterate, his son – Abid – documented all his father’s business activities that can prevent the probable conflicts #DocumentationisImportant. After Mero met Noorullah to desist his illegitimate claim, but he refused, Mero recommends Mewa Gul to solve the conflict through inviting #Jirga #TraditionalSolutionforModernProblems. Matlab Shah will guide the local force to climb the mountain in a secured way, meanwhile; Malik Ghani informs Jabir from the intention of local force, but Jabir Khan does not considers it as threat #weaponcontamination @ICRCaf.

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