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Episode# 1142nd

Noorullah and Mewa Gul come to blows when Mewa Gul wants Noorullah to get out of his home. I am to blame for all this since I did not investigate about Shireena, before marrying her #sorryaftertheevent#Snakeupthesleeve. Torpekai has gone to Kabul to learn clothes design from Kashmala #MangeezSewingCentre #Womanbusiness. The lashkar is ready to flush gunmen from their mountain redoubt. What sort of a man are you, Nadia tells her drug-addict brother. The lame Abdul Raheem has joined the lashkar, but you are not up to it. Now that the gunmen who laid the mines have gone, the mines can also be cleared #weaponcontamination International Committee of the Red Cross Afghanistan #Heroinisnotacure.



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