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Episode# 1138th

Salgai and Parkha joined #MangeezSewingCentre, meanwhile; Zarmina responds to Ajab Gul’s concerns, Kashmala will prepare and sends modern designs #WomanBusiness. Noorullah believes he cannot win the case of earth from Mewa Gul, but Shireena makes him sure and guide him some tips to go ahead, while Mewa Gul intends to withdraw Noorullah from home and deprive him from yields of field #Snakeupthesleeve. Malik Ghani is worried for his evil-partner, Matlab Shah has been lost since last night, here, Abdur Rahim is interested to end the story of Matlab Shah’s evil job, while Mullah Karim khan prefers to seek for proofs #axisofevil #weaponcontamination @ICRCaf.

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