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Episode# 1133rd

I work more as compare to privileges, Ajab Gul wants Yousaf to let him take higher commission than now, but Yousaf does not show more interest to do so #HalalEndeavours #MangeezSewingCentre. Husbands are responsible to pay marriage portions to their wives, Taza Gul insists, while after Mewa Gul do so, Bakhmala forgives his the marriage portion, meanwhile Shireena becomes faint when hear about Mewa Gul’s next marriage #Snakeupthesleeve #MarriageportionisaRightofwife. Don’t be hopeless, we will satisfy the mine detection team to do so, Mullah Karim khan makes Nadia sure, while Abdur Rahim still insists to prioritize combatting against Jabir khan’s gunmen than mine eradication #weaponcontamination @ICRCaf.


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