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Episode# 1127th

Sabro is near to take decision about Mewa Gul’s next marriage, let’s decide jointly with Mewa Gul, Zirka tells him, meanwhile; Mewa Gul threats Shereena, you did not do, what I told you, now wait to see a step-wife very soon #Snakeupthesleeve. Ajab Gul sold the clothes to other people than those who ordered, it seems Ajab Gul will lose his job, because Zarmina can’t afford a tricky man #Honestyisthebestpolicy. Due to family’s density, Nadia apparently gave up to continue her combat, but no one knows, what does she further intend to do? Meanwhile, Matlab Shah feels happy for money, which Jabir gave him for contribution #weaponcontamination @ICRCaf.


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