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Episode# 1126th

Jafar is supported by his mother to prevent Nadia’s combat, Nadia is serious to carry on, will Jafar return her from her goal? Meanwhile; Malik Ghani wants Matlab Shah to take money to gunmen, who live in the mountain, Matlab Shah fears from the threats of mines but is oblige to do so #weaponcontamination @ICRCaf. Sabro informs Mero, I could find a right woman for Mewa Gul to be couple of marriage, while Shereena and Noorullah still think, Mewa Gul isn’t serious to get married, however’ Badrai tries to solve the conflict #Snakeupthesleeve.  Ajab Gul felt the benefits of education, nevertheless, he disliked his son to be educated, Abid guided him, what Yousaf sent as message #childrenEducation.

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