Episode# 1046th

Sakina threats to leave home, if Sardaar Aka insists longer, I am not servant to take care of Torpekai or her son, Sakina said #careforchildrenduringworkhours. Someone posted to Facebook, #Mangeezsewingcentre helps polio vaccine implementation which is harmful to children, Kashmala is suffering, while Farid assures her for solution #rumourmongering. All the villagers are happy for removing Malik Ghani’s #denofiniquity, Bas Pari is hopeful for his son – Jafar – to desist using heroin, that’s why the only place where he could get heroin from, was Malik Ghani’s bus station and now is removed #combatagainstcruelty #dehumanizingeffectofheroin. Taza Gul wished Zirka to attend to madrassa, but she could not, that’s why she was not helped by her mother-in-law, who shows herself sick, so Taza Gul has to teach her at home #stepmotherandmotherinlawcombined.

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