Episode# 1033rd

Farid enjoys helping others, he intends to help Ajab Gul rebuild his home, Ajab Gul, who stopped the ambulance which was taking Farid’s uncle to the provincial hospital, Ajab Gul faces lack of woods to use in home, Zarmina is ready to give their woods free of cost for Ajab Gul’s home #afriendinneedisafriendindeed #healthcareindanger @ICRCaf. Ashraf sold the remaining clothes to pay the workers of his forging sewing centre and some for home expenditures, but it is so less to do so, that’s why Ashraf wants more money from Malik Ghani of which in return, he will work for the profit of Malik, Malik will decide late #whatgoesaroundcomesaround. Once, Mewa Gul was afraid of traveling, when his previous wife – Bakhtawara – was died in trip, so he got sure about the safely arriving of Noorullah and Shereena, Zirka and Taza Gul are really inclined to hear Shereena came back to home, Is Shereena do so about them? #stepmotherandmotherinlawcombined.

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