Friday , July 3 2020

Drama News

Bringing The Archers to Afghanistan

In the 1990s, as Head of the BBC’s Afghan Education Drama Project, John Butt – who now heads PACT Radio – was known in some circles as the “man who brought The Archers to Afghanistan” when he set up the radio soap opera, “New Home, New Life”. Like The Archers, …

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A Peep Into Our Second Series

[:en]When The Guardian’s Nancy Banks-Smith, one of the UK’s best-known critics, said that she was suffering withdrawal symptoms because the English version of The Pulay Poray had gone off the air, we dared to hope that the BBC might give us a second week of broadcasts. And this autumn, to …

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Evolution of Radio Soaps

The last fifteen years – ever since I left BBC AED – have seen a lot of evolution as far as the topics covered in radio soap operas have been concerned. With BBC AED and its ground-breaking New Home, New Life, the topics covered were strictly related to education and …

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Positive Reviews for An Everyday Story of Afghan Folk

Following on from the first season of ‘An Everyday Story of Afghan Folk,’ the radio drama was given positive reviews by critics. The drama is based on PACT Radio’s original Pashto radio drama, The Pulay Poray. You can read some of the reviews below: “PACT Radio broadcasts across Pashtun speaking …

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