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What listeners say about Da Pulay Poray Drama

A selection of listeners’ comments from the week ending February 18th, 2017 Grasping negative and positive characters in Da Pulay Poray Drama: One of the paradoxes of Da Pulay Poray Drama is that listeners seem to like negative characters, but liking those characters does not mean that they emulate them. …

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Good bye, Da Pulay Poray

2015 saw the BBC broadcast a UK version of Da Pulay Poray in English for the fourth time – and the last. There is no doubt that Pakistan and Afghanistan slipped far down the UK political agenda when British troops withdrew from that part of the world and we were …

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Da Pulay Poray Drama Audience Research

Da Pulay Poray radio drama aims to reflect the real-life issues of Afghans, with the storyline now having developed to concentrate on the problems faced by returnee refugees. In order to measure the impact the drama is having, audience research was carried out between November and December 2014. Nangarhar, Kandahar, …

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A Unique Insight on the Border Regions

In January, PACT Radio was invited to attend the recording for the upcoming second series of An Everyday Story of Afghan Folk. With the original actors, producers and writers of the first series returning, PACT Radio wanted to find out more about the experiences of those involved with the drama, …

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The Pulay Poray: Exerting a Positive Influence

The Pulay Poray, (“Across the Border”) was set up over 4 years ago by PACT Radio, and it is the second radio soap launched in the Pak-Afghan borders by John Butt, the first being the BBC’s highly successful ground-breaking soap opera for Afghanistan, New Home, New Life. John Butt says: …

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Bringing The Archers to Afghanistan

In the 1990s, as Head of the BBC’s Afghan Education Drama Project, John Butt – who now heads PACT Radio – was known in some circles as the “man who brought The Archers to Afghanistan” when he set up the radio soap opera, “New Home, New Life”. Like The Archers, …

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