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Good bye, Da Pulay Poray

2015 saw the BBC broadcast a UK version of Da Pulay Poray in English for the fourth time – and the last. There is no doubt that Pakistan and Afghanistan slipped far down the UK political agenda when British troops withdrew from that part of the world and we were …

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Episode 233

Episode 233 Date of broadcast: 21 June 2015 1. (Mewa Gul’s house) Mewa Gul and Marjan are reading a letter from the kidnappers, asking for a ransom. They discuss what to do, and come to the conclusion that they have to share this matter with Sardar Aka, and the local …

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Episodes 234 – 237

Episode 234 Date of broadcast: 22 June 2015 (Malik Ghani Khan’s hujrah) Malik Ghani asks Matlab Shah to go and fetch Ajab Gul. He wants to sort out this matter of Ajab Gul giving evidence against the Malik, in the matter of Mustafa’s killing. What sort of evidence is Ajab …

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Da Pulay Poray Drama Audience Research

Da Pulay Poray radio drama aims to reflect the real-life issues of Afghans, with the storyline now having developed to concentrate on the problems faced by returnee refugees. In order to measure the impact the drama is having, audience research was carried out between November and December 2014. Nangarhar, Kandahar, …

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Episodes 223 – 227

  Episode 223 Date of broadcast: June 6th 2015 (Sardar Aka’s home) Sardar Aka is warning Kashmala that maybe it would be better if they stopped work on their new house. I am worried that some ill may befall you. Just as they are discussing this matter, the sound of …

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