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PACT is a radio production company, seeking ‘traditional solutions for modern problems’ in the Pashto speaking border regions of Eastern and Southern Afghanistan.

PACT has two sets of programmes: firstly Da Pulay Poray drama goes on air five times a week – Sunday to Thursday – at 1930hrs Afghan Standard Time. The radio drama is set in the Pashto-speaking border regions and is centred on Kandao Village. Like many of those living in the east and south of Afghanistan, most of the inhabitants of Kandao Village were refugees across the border. They returned to Kandao Village in early 2014. In Kandao Village, they face all the challenges that are generally faced by people – in particular, returnee refugees – living in the border regions of Afghanistan.

In addition to the radio drama, PACT makes daily feature programmes that report, reinforce and research the same topics that are covered in the radio drama. PACT has a unique approach to reporting. Instead of dealing with political issues, it looks at issues that are encountered on an everyday basis by people living in the border regions. How much do people have to pay in order to find a bride? Why are many people – in particular women – denied their rightful inheritance? What role does the jirga play in conflict resolution on a local level? What about newly established shuras – are they playing a useful role in channelling humanitarian assistance to those who need it? How do local people circumvent issues of security and conflict and ensure that they are able to continue with their everyday lives? What about those whose land and the property has been wrongfully taken over: is there any system of redress whereby they can retrieve what is rightfully theirs?

All PACT programmes are broadcast on Arakozia FM (90.3FM). Part of the Moby Media Group, Arakozia is a purely Pashto radio station, broadcasting for the East and South of Afghanistan – the very regions for which PACT programmes are designed. PACT is both pleased and lucky to have Arakozia as its broadcasting partner. Arakozia broadcasts on one frequency – from Helmand in the south-west of Afghanistan, through Kandahar, Uruzgan, Ghazni – all the provinces straddling the southern and eastern borderline – right up to Kunar and Nuristan in the north-west.

PACT is an economical, streamlined and professional operation. Compared with other media production companies and outlets, it does not cost a lot to support PACT. At present, PACT is supported in its operation by various United Nations and other humanitarian organisations. These organisations pay PACT to include their themes in their programmes. For example, on behalf of UNICEF, PACT seeks to apprise people living in the border regions of the importance of immunisation against prevalent diseases such as polio. On behalf of the Danish Refugee Council, PACT is including family issues in its programmes, in particular, inheritance and maintenance for women family members.

In addition to these donors, PACT is actively seeking support for its programme-making from the local population, in particular from the Pashtoon diaspora living in the West. To see how you can support PACT, visit the Support section on this website.


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