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Episodes 234 – 237

Episode 234

Date of broadcast: 22 June 2015

  1. (Malik Ghani Khan’s hujrah) Malik Ghani asks Matlab Shah to go and fetch Ajab Gul. He wants to sort out this matter of Ajab Gul giving evidence against the Malik, in the matter of Mustafa’s killing. What sort of evidence is Ajab Gul giving against you, Matlab Shah wonders. Well, the Malik explains, I might have once threatened Mustafa, now Kashmala is using my threat as proof that I had him killed.
  1. (Sardar Aka’s shop) Taza Gul has come to Sardar Aka’s shop and is talking with him about the land issue. Sardar Aka says he knows a bit about the mortgaging of this land, but he is not sure exactly how things turned out. Taza Gul explains the whole situation to him. Sardar Aka says he will go with Taza Gul, to see the Malik.
  1. (Ajab Gul’s house) Matlab Shah goes to fetch Ajab Gul, as requested by Malik Ghani Khan. Ajab Gul is wondering what business the Malik has with him. When he hears that the Malik wants to ask him about Ajab Gul giving evidence against him in the matter of Mustafa’s killing, he denies all knowledge and insists that he has not heard anything or seen anything in this regard.
  1. (Sardar Aka’s hujrah) Mewa Gul goes to see Sardar Aka about the kidnapping of Engineer Sahib. Sardar Aka is amazed. He thought that the Malik’s police force had taken responsibility for ensuring security on the road. Mewa Gul says that is why he wishes to see the Malik. Sardar Aka says he has quite a lot on at the moment, not least the matter of Taza Gul’s land which has been mortgaged off to the Malik, but he suggests that the matter of the Engineer’s kidnapping should be settled through the auspices of the jirga.
  1. (Malik Ghani’s hujrah) Malik Ghani is talking to Matlab Shah and wondering what happened to Ajab Gul: why didn’t he come to see him? Matlab Shah says that Ajab Gul was too scared to come and see the Malik. He insisted that he had heard and seen nothing with regard to the Malik’s possible involvement in the death of Mustafa, or his threats towards Mustafa – Kashmala’s deceased husband.
  1. (Outside, near the refugee/returnee encampment) Zafar Khan is enquiring of Mewa Gul what has been done with regard to the kidnapping of Engineer Sahib. Mewa Gul admits his own helplessness in this regard. No one has got the money to pay the ransom, and the agency concerned is certainly not willing to do so. Zafar Khan suggests that they hold a jirga, and the matter of Engineer Sahib will be settled.

Episode 235

Date of broadcast: 23 June 2015

  1. (Malik Ghani’s hujrah) Taza Gul and Sardar Aka arrive in the Malik’s hujrah, to discuss the matter of Taza Gul’s land. Sardar Aka suggests that the Malik is exploiting Mewa Gul and his son. They mortgaged the land with you for 3000 Afghanis only, now you are demanding 3 million from them, furthermore, instead of just one field, you have taken over all their land! The Malik reminds Sardar that they already have one outstanding issue between them, better for Sardar not to raise another issue. Addressing Taza Gul, the Malik states he is not willing to change his stance on this matter. Taza Gul for his part explains that the Malik’s demands amount to usury, which is forbidden in Islam. The Malik tries to make out that the matter is very simple: bring me the money and you take the land.
  1. (Zafar Khan’s abode) Zafar Khan asks his wife for the tape-recorder. What do you want to do with it, she asks? She says I want to give it to the mechanic, so that he can fix it. But there is nothing wrong with it, she protests. Zafar Khan asks what she knows about tape-recorders, he has told her that it is not working, so that is all there is to it.
  1. (Malik Ghani Khan’s hujrah) Matlab Shah comes to Malik Ghani Khan’s hujrah. Once again, he finds the Malik in a bad mood. Malik Ghani tells him about Sardar Aka and Taza Gul coming to his hujrah. Taza Gul is standing up to me, and trying to do this and that calculation with me. He claims that there is now proof regarding the land ownership, and the mortgaging of the land. We really have to do something about this Taza Gul, Malik ruminates. And if something is done about him, then will there be a reward. Rewards more like it, promises Malik Ghani Khan. Just make sure that there is nothing to involve me, adds Malik Ghani. Matlab Shah assures him on this point.
  1. (Place where Engineer Sahib is being held) Zafar Khan has covered his face, and is beating Engineer Sahib, while at the same time forcing him to record a statement that if someone does not come up with the ransom of one million Afghanis, then Engineer Sahib’s life would be in danger.
  1. (In Malik Ghani’s hujrah) Matlab Shah is looking thoughtful, when the Malik’s son Yasir turns up and asks what is troubling him. Matlab Shah tells him about the document that Taza Gul has, regarding ownership of the land. Malik Ghani wants someone done about this land ownership document, but what to do? Yasir says that is an easy matter. The two of them will pounce on Taza Gul and rob him of his things, including the land document.
  1. (Malik Ghani’s home) So what happened to Kashmala’s witness, Malik Ghani is talking to his wife Gul Bibi. Gul Bibi says that Ajab Gul was the person whom Kashmala was mentioning in this regard. Well, Malik Ghani points out, Ajab Gul is now denying that he ever saw or heard anything. He suggests to his wife that she should go to house of Sardar Aka and tell them to ask for my forgiveness, since they have wrongly accused me.

Episode 236

Date of broadcast: 24 June 2015

  1. (Mewa Gul’s house) Taza Gul arrives in his home. He gives his mother the land document. What, have you given up with Malik Ghani, his mother asks him. Far from it, Taza Gul says, I am looking for the best way forward, so that Malik Ghani will have no choice but to be convinced. Then why are you giving me the land document, his mother asks. It is an important document, Taza Gul explains. I would not like it to be damaged while I am carrying it around.
  1. (Sardar Aka’s house) Gul Bibi is pointing out to Kashmala that now Ajab Gul is denying any knowledge of the Malik having threatened Mustafa, or any such thing. Kashmala says she will not give up, since Ajab Gul’s evidence was tantamount to proof of Malik’s threat against Mustafa. Gul Bibi tries to explain to Kashmala that Ajab Gul has made clear he will not give evidence, but Kashmala remains as determined as ever, as well as being convinced of Malik Ghani’s guilt.
  1. (Zafar Khan’s abode) Zafar Khan comes home and gives the tape-recorder back to his wife. She sees that the tape-recorder has not even been opened. That mechanic must have taken money from you for nothing! Zafar Khan explains the matter away, saying that nowadays mechanics don’t leave any signs of opening something, when they fix it. Just then, the voice of the Engineer is heard the tape-recorder. Zafar Khan is startled, oh that tape must have been left in there by the mechanic, he tries to explain the matter away. Give it to me so that I can return it to the mechanic.
  1. (On the road) Yasir and Matlab Shah are lying in wait for Taza Gul, intending to rob him of the land document. Both their faces are covered when they pounce on Taza Gul and rob him. Matlab Shah even goes so far as to change his voice. Taza Gul protests, that he does not have any money on him, he only has a few documents. Matlab Shah takes the documents off him. They rough Taza Gul up a bit and taking some useless things with them, make off.
  1. (Sardar Aka’s house) Sakina is suggesting to Kashmala that it might be a good idea for her to make a settlement with the Malik. However, Kashmala is as determined as ever. However, she is somewhat perturbed as to why Ajab Gul has gone back on his agreement to give evidence against the Malik.
  1. (Near Ajab Gul’s house) Zafar Khan is talking to Abid, the son of Ajab Gul and telling him that whenever he finds anything outside the home, he should take it home and inform his mother and father about it. Abid agrees, but when Zafar Khan goes Abid is left wondering why on earth Zafar Khan said that to him.

Episode 237

Date of broadcast: 25 June 2015

  1. (Ajab Gul’s house) Kashmala is off to see Ajab Gul, to ask him why he has gone back on his pledge to give evidence against the Malik. Ajab Gul has a simple reason: that the Malik is a powerful person. I do not wish to destroy myself by taking him on, he says to Kashmala. But Kashmala is adamant. Ajab Gul reluctantly agrees.
  1. (Malik Ghani Khan’s hujrah) Yasir and Matlab Shah return to the Malik’s hujrah triumphant. But when they look at the documents they found on Taza Gul’s person, they see that they are all documents related to students’ fees. What are we going to say to the Malik, they wonder.
  1. (Ajab Gul’s house) Abid returns home. Ajab Gul is shocked: why has Abid not gone to the madrassah? Abid says that he found something outside and thought he should show it to his father. They open a packet and find that there is a tape inside. They listen to the tape, in which they can hear Engineer Sahib demanding on behalf o the kidnappers a ransom of one million Afghanis, otherwise his life is in danger. Ajab Gul says he will share this matter with Mewa Gul immediately.
  1. (Mewa Gul’s house) Taza Gul returns home in a bad way. He tells his mother about what happened to him on the way, with thieves setting on him and robbing him of the things he had on him. Bakhtawara curses the thieves. Taza Gul suggests that instead of cursing them, she should pray that they desist from such wrong behaviour.
  1. (Sardar Aka’s home) Sardar Aka comes home, to find Kashmala absent. He asks Sakina where she has gone. Sakina tells him she has gone to Ajab Gul’s house to talk to him about giving evidence against Malik Ghani. Sardar Aka wishes she had discussed the matter with her, before speaking to Ajab Gul on this matter.
  2. (Mewa Gul’s house) Ajab Gul brings the tape recording to Mewa Gul, who also becomes concerned at the fate of Engineer Sahib. He says he will share the matter with their village shura, and see what might be the best way forward.

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