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Episodes 223 – 227


Episode 223

Date of broadcast: June 6th 2015

  1. (Sardar Aka’s home) Sardar Aka is warning Kashmala that maybe it would be better if they stopped work on their new house. I am worried that some ill may befall you. Just as they are discussing this matter, the sound of firing can be heard from outside. Sardar Aka goes outside, to find out what has happened.
  1. (Mewa Gul’s house) Bakhtawara wants to take some barkha-bandi (gifts that are given by the groom’s family to the family of the bride on special occasions) to the family Taza Gul’s bride-to-be Zarka. Mewa Gul asks her to take some money from Taza Gul for this purpose. They mention the sound of firing they have heard. They dismiss it, saying that shots are always being fired in their country, it is nothing unusual.
  1. (Outside) Sardar Aka meets Matlab Shah as he goes out, in search of his son-in-law – the teacher. They are concerned, at not being able to find him and carry off to try and find him together.
  1. ‫)‬Outside) Mewa Gul is meeting the humanitarian organisation representative, following up on the matter of humanitarian relief to the calamity affected community staying nearby. Mewa Gul says that the list that has been prepared by their shura is with him. The representative says that in view of the new people  who have come, affected by a calamity, and that a new list should be prepared, which Mewa Gul agrees to do.
  1. (Mewa Gul’s house) Baktawara asks Taza Gul for some money to take to Zarlakhta’s family (barkha-bandi). Taza Gul says that it is customs such as these that have made marriages more cumbersome than they have to be. Nevertheless, his mother is too persuasive, and he eventually relents and promises to find her some money.
  1. (Mukhtar’s house) Mewa Gul goes to Mukhtar’s house and says that a new list of affectees is required, due to advent of new people in need of humanitarian assistance. Mukhtar wants to go with the old list but Mewa Gul explains why a new list is needed, due to the advent of new beneficiaries, and amongst those people residing in this camp, particularly needy people have to be identified.

Episode 224

Date of broadcast: June 7th 2015

  1. (Outside, near the camp of affected people) Mukhtar is telling Zafar Khan, who has set himself up as a representative of the affected people. He tells him that a new list, highlighting needy people, is required.
  1. (In the kochi’s house) Meero’s wife Sabro is mentioning how no trinkets and gifts have come from Taza Gul’s house. Zarka defends her husband-to-be’s household, saying that Taza Gul does not agree with such customs, but Sabro is adamant and says she will talk to Meero about following this matter up.
  1. (Outside) Sardar Aka and Matlab Shah find the Teacher in a wounded state. They pick him up, to take him to hospital.
  1. (Mukhtar’s house) Mukhtar is sharing the new list of beneficiaries with Mewa Gul. The humanitarian organisation beneficiary comes they both stress the urgent need of the beneficiaries. He reassures them.
  1. (Mewa Gul’s house) Taza Gul is trying to wrest his land from the Malik, and is looking for the agreement certificate. His mother Bakhtawara is sceptical that anything will come of this.
  1. (Sardar Aka’s house) Sardar Aka has brought the wounded Teacher home. They want to take him to the hospital, but will he reach there?

Episode 225

Date of broadcast: June 8th 2015

  1. ‫)‬In the camp) Zafar Khan is angry that his name has been taken out of the list of recipients of humanitarian assistance. It is explained to him that he does not count as a needy person, having everything he needs in his house. He says it is a matter of his honour, he has been ignored.
  1. (Taza Gul’s house) Taza Gul is giving his mother some money, fees that he has collected from his students. His mother says that the amount is not sufficient. She is going to have to sell a goat, and use the proceeds to buy some items from the bazaar. Taza Gul is taken aback, but his mother says that once they have wrested their land from the Malik, she will replace the goat with a cow.
  1. (Mukhtar’s house). Zarmina goes to Mukhtar’s house to tell him about the shooting incident involving the Teacher. Mukhtar is not at home. Tor Pekay says he will send someone to inform him.
  1. (Malik’s house) Zafar Khan is complaining to the Malik about his name being omitted from the list of beneficiaries. Malik says Zafar is the representative of the displaced persons – he can take a share in any case. Zafar Khan says it seems that these shura people have it in for both of them – Malik and Zafar Khan.
  1. (Kochi’s house) Sabro is complaining to Meero about not getting any barkha-bandi from Mewa Gul’s family. That is a matter of shame for them. Meero is not concerned about such things. Sabro says it is not a matter of them needing it, it is a question of their self-respect. She insists that Meero talk to Mewa Gul about it, but Meero is not interested.
  1. (Mukhtar’s house) Mukhtar comes home and Tor Pekay tells him about Teacher being shot. Mukhtar is full of remorse, that I told them to stop building this house, but they did not listen. He goes to the hospital, to see what has become of Teacher.

Episode 226

Date of broadcast: June 9th 2015

  1. (In the clinic) Sardar, Mukhtar and Kashmala are there, attending to the wounded teacher. Sardar Aka thinks they will have to take him to the district centre, to the bigger hospital, since the condition of the Teacher is not good.
  1. (Zafar Khan’s house) Zafar Khan gets no joy from the Malik and comes home. His wife suggests that he should forget about it, but Zafar Khan is determined to get his own back.
  1. (Mewa Gul’s house) Taza Gul brings the barkha-bandi stuff back home from the bazaar. Bakhtawara is bothered about some items being missing, but Taza Gul is more concerned about the document, relating to the land that is mortgaged with the Malik. He wants to get that land back, so that he can marry Zarka.
  1. (Sardar Aka’s house) Zarmina is crying, that my sister Kashmala should not be widowed a second him. She blames her step-mother Sakina for what has happened to Kashmala. Sakina protests her innocence and good feelings towards Kashmala, but Zarmina is not convinced.
  1. (Mewa Gul’s house) Zafar Khan complains about his name not being on the list of beneficiaries. Mewa Gul explains the situation to him. Zafar Khan seems to be convinced, but asks when the relief is likely to arrive.
  1. (Malik’s hujrah) Taza Gul goes to see the Malik, to talk about the land issue. Malik tries to push the matter aside, but when pressed by Taza Gul, then Malik says that the matter is settled. Taza Gul disagrees, and is determined to wrest back the land that is rightfully his.

Episode 227

Date of broadcast: June 10th 2015

  1. (Kochi’s house) Bakhtawara is taking Sabro’s share to the latter’s house. Sabro is initially happy, until she finds some things missing. Bakhtawara stands up to Sabro on this issue.
  1. (Clinic) Mukhtar has brought a motor-car for Teacher, but when they are about to transport Teacher to the district centre, they are informed of his death.
  1. ‫)‬Camp of displaced persons) Mewa Gul is worried why the humanitarian representative has not arrived. He tells Marjan the reason for his anxiety – he was supposed to have come to distribute the relief. Why not ask the commander of the Malik’s police, Marjan suggests.
  1. (Mewa Gul’s house) Taza Gul tells his mother about the Malik’s negative attitude on the land issue and points out that the Malik seems to want to keep the land for himself.
  2. (Outside) When Mewa Gul enquires from the commander of the Malik’s police about the whereabouts of the humanitarian representative, the commander says he knows nothing, which only serves to increase Mewa Gul’s concern.
  3. (Malik’s house) Malik and Gul Bibi are at home, when news of the Teacher’s death is announced. Gul Bibi is suspicious of her husband. Malik says he had open issues with Teacher about the house he was building, but whatever objections he has, he has them openly.

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