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Episode# 1185th

Farid and villagers prepared a list of flood-affected families. Gul Wali wants Farid to remove the names of the unknown people from the list. They are flood-affected, so must be on the list, Farid insists #beingreadyfornaturaldisasters #includingallinhumanitarianrelief. Come off it Ajab Gul, it was your fault that your newborn son died, not the doctors’: you did not allow Shabana to observe #Spacebetweenbirths UNFPA AfghanistanAfghan Family Guidance Association. Nadia confirms to Zarmina what Bas Pari expected – that she is happy to be married to Abdur Raheem #MutualSatisfactionforwedlock #kufu #compatibilityforlifepartnership. It was a deal, Jafar tells the gunmen who are hiding among the displaced families: you give me heroin in return for information about my sister’s whereabouts. not only do they not give him heroin powder: they give him a good beating instead. This may work against the gunmen in the long run. Jafar might get his come-uppance #evenheroinhabitcanbebeaten



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