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Episode# 1167th

Mewa Gul is not responsible to feed your so-called guests, but only to you, the foods are enough for you, you had to accept it, Badrai tells to Shireena #Snakeupthesleeve #givingAlimonyisaRight. Matlab Shah informs Ajab Gul, that Malik Ghani invited you to his guesthouse, while he rejected the invitation, meanwhile; Shabana wants from Ajab Gul to treat vaccine related issues very carefully, otherwise, villagers will re-burn his home #VaccineSaveslives @Polio-free Afghanistan. Gunmen had targeted Nadia, but when they couldn’t access to kidnap her, they kidnapped me, Jafar says, while such words can’t weaken Nadia passion for combat against gunmen and mines, meanwhile; Razia expresses her happiness to hear that Jafar has been released #weaponcontamination @ICRCaf.

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