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A large number of people wishes to hear Da Pulay Poray drama at 12:30 PM

What happened to the repeat of drama?

Clearly, not everyone is able to listen to Da Pulay Poray drama at the prime broadcast time of 7.30 pm every evening. This is true particularly of female listeners, who tend to be very busy at 7.30 in the evening. Hence, those listeners who are unable to listen in at night depending on the repeat of Da Pulay Poray drama, which used to be broadcast at mid-day the next day.

No surprise then that when Da Pulay Poray drama’s main broadcaster – Arakozia FM – dropped the repeat, due to congestion in their broadcasting schedule, a considerable number of listeners called in to Da Pulay Poray drama wondering what happened to the repeat episode of the drama.

Their comments echoed those of Nabi-ur-Rahman from Laghman: ‘If a repeat was to be broadcast daily, as it used to be, it would be very good,’ he said. Women, in particular, were aggrieved by the lack of a repeat broadcast. Shabana rang in from Kandahar to say that there used to be a repeat of the drama at 12.30pm. ‘What has happened to that repeat? It would be good if it was broadcast again.’

From across the border, Malalay in Chaman, echoed the same feelings. ‘Please broadcast the drama at 1pm every day,’ she said, 1pm being the equivalent of 12.30pm according to Chaman time.

It is not only women who are voicing the wish, for there to be a repeat during the day. This was the request of Kabul Jan, who rang in from Khost: ‘Please broadcast the drama during the day, as well.’

Besides saying that he loved Da Pulay Poray Drama, because the makers of the drama were ‘thinking about their country and working in its service’, Abdul Rahman from Arghandab said that previously Da Pulay Poray Drama was repeated at 12.30pm every day, now there was no repeat. This repeat should be revived.

Zakir Ullah rang in from Laghman to point out that previously there was a repeat of the whole week’s episodes, whereas now only two episodes were repeated. He wondered why. He said he would also like all the weekly episodes to be repeated, in one Omnibus edition.

Safia  from Paktia said it was very difficult for her to pass even one night without listening to Da Pulay Poray drama. She added that if Arakozia radio were to restart the repeat of drama, it would be very good. From Khost, Maryam reflected the same feelings as Safia.

Indeed, people from most provinces wished to hear the repeat since for various reasons they were not able to listen into the evening broadcast.  Shabana and Siddiqa rang in from Helmand province, and Shabnam from Kabul to say they had too much housework at night, which prevented them from listening to the drama. Fawzia from Khost and Laima from Kandahar also cited the same reason for not being able to listen in at night: ‘We are busy at night that is why we are not able to listen to the drama at that time.’

Youth also share the same sentiment, such as Rafiullah from Helmand. We could tell from his voice that Hafizullah from Khost was a very small boy. However, this did not stop him ringing in to ask what was the matter with Arakozia radio, that they were not broadcasting the repeat of the drama during the daytime.

Among others to voice the same sentiment were Amanullah from Kama district in Nangarhar, Niamatullah from Rodaat – also in Nangarhar – Nadia from Khogyani, Mujeebullah from Behsood and Mohammad from Khogyani called in to say they loved the drama very much and wished to hear a repeat of each episode at 12.30pm every day. Some said that they would like all the week’s episodes to be broadcast once a week, in one Omnibus edition.

Bakhti, who serves with the Border Police in Khost province, also had this wish, for broadcasting all the week’s episodes once a week, over the weekend. He even asked to be given the contact number of Arakozia radio so that he could discuss the issue directly with them

The number of listeners voicing the same sentiment is too long for us to mention all their names. Nazar Mohammad from Spin Boldak said that it does matter if the repeat is broadcast during the morning or afternoon, the important thing was that there should be a repeat, since they were not able to listen to the radio at night.

The avid interest of the audience in Da Pulay Poray drama is clear from the fact that, not only do they request a repeat of the drama, they continuingly give us their suggestions and even tell us what they see as shortcomings in the drama.

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